6 Highly effective habits of successful women

Today we are celebrating women like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Michelle Obama to mention a few but what are some of the habits they imbibed to become successful? Success is wanted by all but only those who work towards it, achieve it. Here are 6 highly effective habits of successful people (this is for everyone not just women).

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Source: Wikipedia

1. Have a good morning routine: this means waking up early, saying a prayer for a successful day, having an exercise routine to stay in shape (even if it’s a 10-minute workout, health is wealth), writing down your daily plan in a journal (things you need to get done, you can write them down a day before or on Sunday of the new week, I discussed Journaling in my previous post, it helps you get organized), then work mode follows. Soon I’ll be sharing with you sites to check out if you need a side hustle. Its important to have a good morning routine as it affects how your day goes. Keep in mind that the previous night’s activities also affects your next morning.

2. Stop procrastinating: instead of saying I’ll do it later, let’s cultivate the habit of saying I’m doing it now. Procrastinating messes with our time as leaving things undone eats into time set to do other things. Getting things done gives you a sense of fulfilment. Do it now.

3. Not just your braids, take care of your brain too: harsh as it might sound, a habit of successful people is that they educate themselves. What are you reading? What environment are you exposing yourself to? All these have an effect on us. You can’t enter a field or let alone become successful in that field without educating yourself. Expose yourself to materials, books, sites, apps, resources, people in your field of interest to develop yourself. People and places you take advice from have an effect on you. Successful people don’t fold their arms and expect everything to fall in their lap, they work hard and then let it speak for them. This also helps you for when an opportunity presents itself, you are prepared because you’ve educated yourself. So ladies as much as caring for your braids is good, educating your brain is very important.

4. Stay determined: while working and educating yourself you should understand that, the life you are building for yourself is not going to happen overnight. Keyword: building, it’s a process, don’t rush yourself but stay on your toes, working. Remember to not get intimidated by people’s success while doing so. I used to have this, especially when you open apps like Instagram, you get flooded with images and videos of people. I had to cultivate the habit of celebrating others, I believe that you can’t become what you don’t appreciate.

5. Work on your attitude: its very important to work on your character as it could open/close doors of opportunities for you. Being proud, having an ego or a bad temper is not something to boast about, it’s a liability. A liability is something that takes from you and it could be taking from you with/without your knowledge. Understand that having good manners, saying simple things like “please, thank you, excuse me” might seem irrelevant but it does matter. Good manners show you are a person of good character, nobody wants to hire a rude worker, nobody wants an angry partner, nobody would approach a proud fellow and you miss opportunities. These little things steal from us and being nice, respectful is easier as it takes a lot of emotion to be angry, bitter, rude and crude.

6. Association: they said “show me thy friends, I’ll tell you who you are”,true but I say “show me your friends and I’ll tell you where you are going”. Your association is the environment you are exposing yourself to and that translates into the individual you are/are becoming. Its important to be respectful to everyone and not be condescending but you need to be cautious of who you associate the term ‘friend’ with. This may sound like something you heard in primary school but its still very much applicable now. Successful people are constantly creating beneficial relationships. As a growing individual, you need to surround yourself with people who have a drive for success that matches or is more than yours so they can build yours. I repeat myself, be nice and respectable to everyone but not everyone who approaches you should be brought in, especially people who won’t add value to you but take from you. You deserve value.

Lastly, in the world we live in now many people have been made to believe that hardworking people have no place in the table of success. Everyone’s journey to being successful is different but there is reward for hard work.


FEMININITY SERIES: Embracing your femininity (+ free self-improvement template)

Hello beautiful queens, welcome. Today I will be launching our FEMININITY SERIES, if you want to learn more about what the series is about, I made a post here: FEMININITY SERIES on it, you can check it out.

FEMININITY SERIES is a series aimed to help women (myself included) to become better version of themselves.

Femininity series

It’s not aimed to attack, belittle or come off misogynistic. Every woman is beautiful and I appreciate every one of you but coming into this year I decided to embark on a self-improvement journey so if you also want to improve or level up like me, consider this as a guide. These are my opinions and it’s totally up to you to agree with them or not. Let’s begin!

Embracing your femininity

Let’s get started!

What does it mean to embrace your femininity?

As humans, we have both feminine and masculine energies. While you may not agree but we (females) have the tendency to switch out of our feminine energy into to this hard shelled, ‘I don’t need anyone, I won’t ask for help, I can do it all myself’, be domineering and plainly, that’s us exhibiting our masculine energy. Especially in the society we grew/are growing up in, we’ve been made to believe we women are the ‘weaker vessels’ (as society misinterpreted it). In a bid to compensate, we begin to tap out of our feminine energy so as to not look weak, needy or desperate.

Embracing your femininity is keeping it locked always in our feminine energy no matter the circumstance.

Our feminine energy is that soft, loving, calm, welcoming aura which exudes grace, beauty elegance, self control and self sufficiency.

What does it mean to stay tapped in our feminine energy?

It means loving your strengths and weaknesses as a woman. It means being the best version of an elegant woman who is not defined by societal standards. It means embracing womanhood, enjoying your growth and basking in the beauty of being a woman.

I want us to think of it as this. Close your eyes and imagine yourself being in a field of beautiful flowers, taking in the serene environment, the sun hitting your face, enjoying the calmness, the peace away from life’s troubles, next time you think of a way to embrace your femininity, think of it this way.


It also means,

I will no longer be ashamed of my body, skin, size or how I look because I embrace how I am beautifully made.

I will no longer be careless with resources because I am a manager.

I will be careful of what I consume in my diet, online and my surroundings because it can affect me.

I will no longer feel awkward in social settings because I will comport myself as a classy woman.

It means I won’t react to people who push me to the wall the same way because I am the bigger person in the situation.

I will no longer be afraid to speak up, take charge or stand up for myself because I am confident.

I will no longer be ignorant because I am taking out time to educate myself.

I am embracing the greatness and elegance in me.

There are so many more affirmations but you can choose to affirm what is peculiar to you. Feel free to affirm what you want to see. I am dropping a self improvement template for you, you can download or take a screenshot of it, fill it and save it privately to monitor your progress.

Self improvement template

Stay blessed.  🤍+💡